Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bang Saen Beach: Polluted by oil slick

13.10.2013 Bang Saen and nearby beaches have been polluted by oil slick
About 50 tonnes of oil found on Bang Saen and two adjacent beaches in Chon Buri have now been removed by a clean-up organised by the Sean Suk Municipality, reports The Nation. The the oil has been discovered on Thursday night. The origin is unclear. Parts of Bang Saen are still showing traces of oil and the beach will remain closed to tourists.

10.9.2013 Up to 10 tons of trash are being washed up on Bang Saen Beach daily Picture by Twentyfour Students
Not amazing: A lot of trash on Bang Saen Beach

This is not the news you like: Bang Saen Beach, 75 kilometers south of Bangkok in Chon Buri, has a pollution problem: Up to 10 tons of trash are being washed up on its shores daily, as NNT reports. Especially during each monsoon the waves bring in, what river mouths in the area brought out to the sea: up to ten tons of waste and garbage. The local officials have to start cleaning up from 5 am in the morning to get the beach ready for tourists.

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