Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bangkok Art and Culture

Galleries, Museums and attractive culture places as temples and buildings in Bangkok you find easily thanks to this Art and Culture Map

And the newspaper The Nation presents in its section "Entertainment" whats on also in art. Another Event-Guide:

Many spots are concentratet around Rattanakosin and Silom.

This work is from Chatchawan Rodklontan,

About Studio/Café: Art space with a variety of activities including exhibitions, performances, installations, etc.

H Gallery: Established in 2002 by American H. Ernest Lee with the primary purpose of representing a selected group of emerging contemporary Asian artists. It is is located in a late 19c colonial building.

Thavibu Gallery: Specializes in contemporary quality art from Thailand, Vietnam and Burma. Many articles on asian arts on their homepage. One of their artists is Santi Tongsuk, this ist his picture "Flow of Buddhism":

Another artist selling pictures here is Kritsana Chaikitwattana. His exhibition entitled Venuses of Bangkok focuses on the strength of Thai women and their expanding roles. The artist says: ”In the past, Thai women were expected to fulfill their roles at home and to be sweet and gentle. They were told to follow, not to lead. Nowadays, the roles of Thai women are expanding and they take on new tasks and often support their families financially by work outside the home.”

"Venus in a desolate world" is the title of Kritsana Chaikitwattana

Museums, Galleries and attractive places like temples in Bangkok are easy to find thanks to this
Map of Culture and Art. Here you find a listing with links to the homepages. If you stay on Rattanakosin Island or around Silom you are in the middler of a high density of places to see.

Thavibu Gallery is specialized in the contemporary art from Thailand, Vietnam and Burma. It is constantly surveying the artistic, social, and political conditions of these three Southeast Asian countries.

H GALLERY was established in 2002 by American, H. Ernest Lee and is located in a late 19c colonial building. The up-and-coming generation of Thai contemporary art.

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