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“You not ride bikes, no!”

“You not ride bikes here in Bangkok, no!” Many Thais will react like this, when you are preparing your bike for a ride through the town. And they will add: „Very dangerous traffic, very bad air“. And you will think about it and probably agree, that there will be no car, bus, taxi, tuk-tuk or motorbike, that won’t cut you off and that you will be pushed from the road or find yourself under a vehicle. And you’ll ask yourself: Do I really want to shorten my life?

Okay, now you have bean warned, now you know, that you need a guide. There are many tour operators, which offer bicycling in Bangkok. They help you discover the heart of the city – not the big roads full of traffic, but the small lanes, ancient temples and canals. You can discover Bangkoks green lung, Bangkrachao (also: Bang Kra Jao) with a floating market (only on weekends), or you cycle through Chinatown, then there are tours to Thonburi and to the countryside with rice fields and green tropical landscapes, you visit schools or a womens kooperative.

And here are some tours:

Bangkok Night Bike:

Historic Bangkok:

Talad Market and visit to a school

Chinatown and Bangkrachao, the green lungs of Bangkok

These pictures are from the tour of Co van Kessel. Also see this Slideshow And here is a blog about a tour to the green lungs: Exploring the green lungs

Chinatown and Thonburi
Co van Kessel

Chinatown, Thonburi, Princess Mother Memorial Park, Tmple of the Dawn, Royal Barge Museum

Bangkrachao, the green lungs of Bangkok

Bangkok Countryside (along Klong Saen Saeb, to temple Phurt Udom Pol, Kamalulislam mosque and the market town of Nong Chok

Dinner/Biking Tour

From Rama III Road to temples and Bangkrachao, the green lung of Bangkok
Colors of Bangkok

From Rama III Road to a Buddhist temple complex, a sweatshop making sandals to an open-air Muay Thai school (kick boxing), a Burmese style (Mon) Chedi, and a local elementary school and to Bangkrachao, the green lungs of Bangkok

To the floating market in Taling Chan on Weekends:

The Saturday Night Tour:
The Bangkok Tourist Bureau has organised a guided tour every Saturday evening to landmarks around Bangkok including Sanam Luang, Wat Pho, Wat Suthat, the Giant Swing and the Democracy Monument. The cost is 290 Bahtper person including bicycle hire, a guide, snack, beverage and insurance. See a blog about this event: Contact: 1. Environment and Tourism Conservation Foundation, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), 4 Ratchadamnern Road, Pomprap, Bangkok 10110 Thailand, Tel. 282-0524 or Fax. 282-2129. 2. Tourism Promotion Center, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Tel. 225-7612-4 or Fax. 225-7616. E-mail address:

Thonburi, every first Sunday ot the Month:
The Bangkok Tourist bureau recommends a one-day cycling tour to explore Thon Buri, located on the other side of the Chao Phraya River. Stops include Sala Dhammasop Train Station, Maha Sawat Canal and Taling Chan Floating Market. The tour runs every first Sunday of the month. At 650 Bahtper person, the fee includes bicycle hire, a guide, two meals with snacks and beverages and insurance.
For more details, call 02-255-7612-4, fax: 02-225-7616, e-mail:

If you dont’t want to go by tour but on your own, then you can also just rent a bike, for example here:
Rent a bike

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has published „A handbook featuring ten cycling routes in Bangkok“. You can obtain it from from Tourism Division, Culture Sports and Tourism Department, phone 0-2225-7612. Blogger Moffle has started describing these routes here:

Rattanakosin Island Route:

The Old Town Route:
Old Town

Ian shows us his routes from Khao San Road and from Taling Chan Floating Market combined with boat rides on his Google Map. And he has more routes around Bangkok Noi on another Google Map.

Unseen Dusit Route:
Old Town

Cycle routes in East Bangkok:
The Khlong Cyclist has Google Maps showing routes on Khlong paths and quiet sois.

And here you find Bike-Shops in Bangkok
Red Baron
Saengthong Bicycles Prachakaj Rd, Nonthaburi 525-1789, 526-4664
Viwat Bike Phahon Yothin Rd 552-8583, 972-3934
World Bike Ram Inthra Rd 946-4117-9, 510-1041
Sahapatt Bicycle 447-0169, 879-4259
Lan Luang Bikeshop Worachak / Chinatown 221-3775, 221-8545

And of course you need the Survival Kit of this blogger.

You can even find a bike path in Bangkok, at Narathiwat Road. But see, what happened to this
Bicycle Path
And meanwhile there is a large bicycling rescoure: Bicycle Thailand with indexes of bike shops, bike tours, ride maps and Thailand cycling blogs.

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