Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pitak Siam Demonstration in Bangkok
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Saturday, November 25, 17.30
"Aim_The Nation" announces on Twitter: Gen Boonlert called off the rally saying to protect lives. Does this really mean, that the demonstration will stop now? also writes, that the rally has been called off.

Saturday, November 25, 15.30
Protesters have removed barricade blocks on Makkawan Bridge leaving no barriers between them & police, reports Aim_The Nation on Twitter. Protester's truck has moved closer to police line. Follow the news around Makkawan here. Matt Wheeler has a Police Officer saying: "We know the plan is to provoke us, to create images of police using force against the people".

Saturday, November 24, 15.15
"The intention of the protesters on Ratchadamnoen Nok Rd is clear. They want to push through police lines towards Government House", writes Richard Barrow about the ongoing confrontation between protesters and police, who are blocking the road.

Saturday, November 24, 14.30
"The Nation" writes, that Defence Minister ACM Sukampol Suwannathat has ordered Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha to prepare troops to assist police to keep law and order should police fail to control the situation, a source said. The source said Prayuth in turn ordered the First Division, the Second Cavalry Division and the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division to prepared 8 companies of troops each to provide reinforcements to police when asked to. Police fired teargas at protesters again at 1:30 pm as they made another attempt to break via the police line at the Misakawan Intersection, notes The Nation.

Saturday, November 24, 13.15
Pitak Siem rally participation is under exspectations. Pitak Siam leader Gen Boonlert Kaewprasit initially planned to discontinue the rally at 11 am had the number of protesters been less than 50,000, as The Nation writes. Now he has decided to wait longer because he learned that provincial people were still travelling to join the rally.

Saturday, November 24, 12.30:
Pitak Siam rally against Thailands government on Royal Plaza in Bangkok has started this Saturday morning. There has been some confrontation between anti riot police and protesters, the police used tear gas. See video on youtube. "The first clash happened at Makawan Rangsan Bridge at about 9am when the protesters tried to march through the police barricade to join the rally at the Royal Plaza. They refused to make a detour to the Wat Benjama Intersection and First Infantry Intersection, where police allowed the demonstrators to pass through", reports So police fired teargas at the advancing protesters. Police arrested 132 protesters. "In the second clash, Police fired teargas at protesters at the Miskawan Intersection to try to prevent them from breaking through police barricade at the Miskawan Intersection at about 10 am".

Now it is not really clear, what will happen next. But Blogger Richard Barrow is at the rally and reports live on Twitter, what he can see. He says: "This weekend, it's not advisable for tourists to visit Dusit Zoo, Vimanmek Teak Mansion, The Marble Temple & the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall". Follow Richard Barrow on Twitter.

Also Thai Blogger and journalist Saksith Saiyasombut has a Tweet from the rally. And there is a good live coverage on More live Tweets by Aim_The Nation.

See also Live TV by T News TV and by Thai PBS and by Spring News TV.

See the latest pictures on

Roads blockey by police:

Graphic by Bangkok Post

What this blog announced before Saturday November 25

On November 24 and 25 a big anti-government-rally is planned in Bangkok by Pitak Siam Group. Traffic police has cloased roads around Royal Plaza Friday morning. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said on TV, the rally poses a threat to national security. She said intelligence reports indicated that the protesters would use violence and storm government buildings. Pitak Siam group spokesman - Air Marshal Watchara Ritthakanee - answered the group's rally at the Royal Plaza on Saturday and Sunday will be non-violent and that the movement will not move the crowd to Government House or Parliament.
On these days Tourists should avoid the area around the Thai Parliament, Dusit Zoo and Government House, says the German Foreign Office. Follow the news on Bangkok Post. See, where the Parliament and Government House are on Bangkok Hotels Google Map. Read News on Twitter about Pitak Siam. Follow Live Blog by Richard Barrow

The so called Red Shirts, who are supporting the government, also prepare für a rally on November 24. They will gather in Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan and Pathum Thani. And they announced they will march into Bangkok, if anybody should try a Military coup. Read Reds prepare for coup danger.

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