Friday, October 11, 2013

Flood has arrived in Bangkok

Will there be floods in Bangkok this year again? Some floods quite sure, but which will be the dimensions? As these questions are lurking and as it is difficult for Thais as well as for foreigners, to get reliable informations, this blog starts its news service about Floods in Thailand and Floods in Bangkok again. Here we pick out, what we think you should consider. And you are invited to add updates by commenting.

Flood update bei Tourism Authority of Thailand: Most areas of Thailand where to tourists normally go are not flooded at this time. The Chao Phraya River, which runs through Bangkok, is at a higher-than-normal level. Tourists are advised to check daily updates on river-based tourism activities such as boat schedules. The Prachinburi River, which is at a higher-than-normal level, is causing flooding at attractions close to its banks including Kaew Phichit Temple, Bang Taen Temple and Bang Kra Bao Temple. Attractions in Sa Kaeo that may not be accessible due to the flood in Muang, Khao Cha Kan and Aranyaprathet Districts are Khao Chakan Temple, Sa Kaew Temple, Nakhon Tham Temple, Rongklua Market and the site of the replica of Phra Siam Devadhiraj image. Transportation to and from Prachinburi and Sa Kaeo are operating as per normal, although parts of some roads may be closed due to the flood. The State Railway of Thailand has temporarily suspended the rail service between Prachinburi and Aranyaprathet Stations. Thailand’s Department of Highways is providing daily updates on information on road closures and conditions in flood areas on
150 homes swamped in Santi Songkro community, located under Arun Amarin bridge in Bangkok: Drainage and Sewerage Department director Adisak Kanti said a high tide in the Chao Phraya River caused water to spill from the river into the community. The river overflowed into several sections between the community and Khlong Namtan sluice gate, where flood embankments have not yet been completed, he said. The work remains unfinished because the contractor had abandoned the project, Mr Adisak said. The BMA's flood control centre reported the high tide swelled the Chao Phraya to 1.9 metres above sea level at 9.30am yesterday, flooding several areas not protected by flood barriers. Read more on Bangkok Post.

Thai Flood Map for Greater Bangkok Area: This map by Ensri shows todays situation in Greater Bangkok Area:

Floods threaten Bangkok river taxis: The Chao Phraya express boat may be forced to suspend services temporarily if water levels in the river rise further, its operator warned Tuesday. Read more on Bangkok Post

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration worried as Pasak Dam gets ready to release water: "The level of the Chao Phraya River around Pak Klong Talad in Bangkok is about 1.97 metres above mean sea level," Adisak Khantee said yesterday in his capacity as chief of the BMA's Drainage and Sewerage Department.Flood barriers alongside most of the river's stretch in Bangkok stand 2.5-3 metres above mean sea level.As of press time, the level of flood waters in Lop Buri's Chai Badan district was rising fast because of water discharged from the dam. "We have to watch out for Bangkok's eastern zones," he said. Banharn Silapa-archa, chief adviser to the agriculture minister, said Bangkok might be flooded for a day or two, though he predicted that the situation for riverside communities in Pathum Thani would be worse. Read more on The Nation.

The State Railway of Thailand has suspended services in Nakhon Ratchasima, announcing that there will be no trains running between Klongkananjit and Klongpai stations in Sikhiu district as the tracks were under 10 to 15 centimetres of water. Trains between Ban Dong Bang and Kabin Buri stations in Prachin Buri have also been halted because of flooding. The Bangkok-Aranyaprathet and Bangkok-Kabin Buri trains will now terminate at the Prachin Buri station.

8.10.2013 Thailand Flood Situation Update by Turism Authority of Thailand

Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport readies for floods: Bangkok’s second largest airport Don Mueang, used by a number of low-cost airlines including Airasia, said on October 5 it has finished building flood walls and strengthening its internal water management system equipped with pumps to be prepared for possible flooding in the coming weeks. Read more on investvine.

High tides might cause flooding in some riverside communities: The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) warns that the Chao Phraya River might overflow this week due to water from upper regions and high tides. Communities outside flood barriers in Bangkok and the vicinity are told to prepare for possible flooding. Riverside communities in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Pathum Thani are advised to be prepared to handle the situation. Read more on NNT.

Thailand Flood Update by Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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