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Treasures along the Khlong: Khlong Om คลองอ้อม

Today we explore Khlong Bangkok Om คลองอ้อม. How you find all the treasures: #MyKrungthep Google Map Khlong Om. Where you get a boat: Bangkok by Boat. On the Google Map you find an idea for a bike tour too.

We hire a boat on Nonthaburi Pier (30) and first cross the Chao Phraya River towards Wat Chalerm Prakiat Worawihan วัดเฉลิมพระเกียรติวรวิหาร. We find a very peaceful temple surrounded by trees, that provide shade from the hot sun, and with decorations inspired by Chinese style.

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King Rama III let construct this temple in 1847 of bricks from the demolition of a fortress built in the reign of King Narai the Great. The wat reflects his prefeence for Chinese arts. Therefore you discover stucco using Chinese procelains on the gable and door of the Ubosot. Inside there are wonderful mural paintings. The main Buddha image, made of copper in the Sadung Man posture, got the name Phraphuttamahalokaphinanthapatima. Other buildings as Phra Wiham Luang, Wiham Sila Khao, Phra Chedi or Kan Parian Luang are remarkable too.

When we leave the Wat on its westside, we enter Chalermprakiat Park, also called Chalerm Kanchanaphisek Park, that was constructed for King Bhumibhol or King Rama IX’s golden jubilee. It is a wellknown weekend destination for the local people. The park is open daily from 06.00 to 18.00 hrs. Located along the Chao Praya River it offers great views, a replica Thai-style house and gardens full of flowers. And there is the Wiman Saran Nawamin วิมานสราญนวมินทร์ in the middle of a pond:

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Let's turn into Klong Om คลองอ้อม now. We stop at Wat Tanod วัดโตนด:

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Next station: Wat Bang Rahong วัดบางระโหง:

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A bit further and you arrive at Wat Khwanmuang วัดขวัญเมือง:

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Soon we see Wat Pracha Rangsan วัดประชารังสรรค:

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The next boat-stopp will be at Wat Molee วัดโมลี:

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And then we arrive at Wat Sao Thong Hin วัดเสาธงหิน, the highlight of Klong Om. It was built in 1767, when King Taksin the Great assembled his troops near this temple. He let construct three silver images. After the war he ordered a renovation of the temple.

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Where we came from: Khlong Om:

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More impressions of Khlong Om:

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