Saturday, February 9, 2013

Your Guide to the Treasures of Bangkok

You discover Bangkok through the eyes of people, who have been there. This blog collects their voices from blogs and travel-related forums like or and their pictures from and other sources. Google Maps help you to create your own tour. Links give you background. Welcome to Krung Thep!

Guesthouses, Hotels and Homestays: Fromt not expensive to luxurious beds and some very charming places like Phranakorn Nornlen: Guesthouses, Boutique Hotels, Hotels and Homestays.

Restaurants: Where grandmothers cook the best noodle soup, where you dine on the river and on the top: Mouthwatering Food

Bangkok by Boat: How to use the express boats up and down the river, where you can change for the Skytrain and where you can rent longtail boats for a tour to the Khlongs, Bangkoks canals: Bangkok by Boat

Move by trains and buses: How you get to the city with the new Airport Link, where you find train- and busstations and timetables: Skytrain, Metro, Buses and Railways

Bike tours in Bangkok: There are many tour operators, who lead you through small streets off the big traffic. Or you can rent bikes. Bike in Bangkok

Famous and hidden markets: Looking for food, flowers, clothes, household-goods or animals? Bangkoks districts are full of markets, some are full of tourists, others still to discover - also some floating markets. Bangkoks Markets

Old Bangkok Walking Tours: Discover old shophouses near Wat Pho as well as temples in Rattanakosin: Good Morning Old Bangkok: The neighbourhood of Wat Pho, Good morning Old Bangkok 2: The Rattanakosin Town Trail, Good morning Old Bangkok 3: Artsy Phra Athit Road, Good Morning Old Bangkok 4: Explore the heart of Chinatown and Good Morning Old Bangkok 5: Bangrak Walking Tour

Bangkok Walking Tour: Explore the heart of Chinatown: Goldsmith and herbal medicine shops, temples and markets: Bangkoks Chinatown is pulsating for neraly 24 hours: Walking tour in Chinatown

Treasures along the Khlongs: Discover the life along Bangkoks waterways with beautiful temples, teak houses and markets: Khlong Bangkok Yai, Khlong Bang Khun Thian, Khlong Bangkok Noi, Khlong Om andKhlong Phra Khanong and Prawet Burirom

The green lung of Bangkok: Bang Krachao, a peninsula in Chao Phraya River, surprises you with greenery and pristine mangroves. And you find a floating market on weekends and fireflies: Bang Krachao

Ko Kret - the Mun Island: Small and sleepy villages, palm trees, bananas, temples and pottery: Ko Kret, an island in Chao Phraya River, is a pretty place for a boat and walking trip: Ko Kret

With a hidden railway to Amphawa Floating Market: For this daytrip towards the Gulf of Siam you use two railways, a ferry and a bus and see a lot of the countryside: Amphawa Floating Market

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