Thursday, May 24, 2018

#MyKrungthep: Your Guide to the Treasures of Bangkok

You discover Bangkok through the eyes of people, who have been there. This blog collects their voices from blogs and travel-related forums and their pictures from many sources. #My Krungthep Google Map helps you to create your own tour. Links give you background. Welcome to #MyKrungthep!

Guesthouses, Hotels and Homestays: Fromt not expensive to luxurious beds and some very charming places like Phranakorn Nornlen: Guesthouses, Boutique Hotels, Hotels and Homestays.

Restaurants: Where grandmothers cook the best noodle soup, where you dine on the river and on the top: Mouthwatering Food

Bangkok by Boat: How to use the express boats up and down the river, where you can change for the Skytrain and where you can rent longtail boats for a tour to the Khlongs, Bangkoks canals: Bangkok by Boat

Move by trains and buses: How you get to the city with the new Airport Link, where you find train- and busstations and timetables: Skytrain, Metro, Buses and Railways

Bike tours in Bangkok: There are many tour operators, who lead you through small streets off the big traffic. Or you can rent bikes. Bike in Bangkok

Famous and hidden markets: Looking for food, flowers, clothes, household-goods or animals? Bangkoks districts are full of markets, some are full of tourists, others still to discover - also some floating markets. Bangkoks Markets

Old Bangkok Walking Tours: Discover old shophouses near Wat Pho as well as temples in Rattanakosin: Good Morning Old Bangkok: The neighbourhood of Wat Pho, Good morning Old Bangkok 2: The Rattanakosin Town Trail, Good morning Old Bangkok 3: Artsy Phra Athit Road, Good Morning Old Bangkok 4: Explore the heart of Chinatown and Good Morning Old Bangkok 5: Bangrak Walking Tour

Bangkok Walking Tour: Explore the heart of Chinatown: Goldsmith and herbal medicine shops, temples and markets: Bangkoks Chinatown is pulsating for neraly 24 hours: Walking tour in Chinatown

Treasures along the Khlongs: Discover the life along Bangkoks waterways with beautiful temples, teak houses and markets: Khlong Bangkok Yai, Khlong Bang Khun Thian, Khlong Bangkok Noi, Khlong Om andKhlong Phra Khanong and Prawet Burirom

The green lung of Bangkok: Bang Krachao, a peninsula in Chao Phraya River, surprises you with greenery and pristine mangroves. And you find a floating market on weekends and fireflies: Bang Krachao

Ko Kret - the Mun Island: Small and sleepy villages, palm trees, bananas, temples and pottery: Ko Kret, an island in Chao Phraya River, is a pretty place for a boat and walking trip: Ko Kret

With a hidden railway to Amphawa Floating Market: For this daytrip towards the Gulf of Siam you use two railways, a ferry and a bus and see a lot of the countryside: Amphawa Floating Market

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